Using Basics of Music

Basics of Music lessons are designed to be interactive. As you read through the material, buttons will be distributed throughout the text. The general idea is "click as you read." This means that if a sentence contains a button, as you read those words, click the button to see images or hear sounds that exemplify the concept being discussed. The video below should give you some sense of what learning with Basics of Music is like.

Basics of Music Exercises are game-like drills in which you will be asked to do things like name notes, build scales, and identify musical elements like rhythms, key signatures, intervals, and chords. Each exercise is slightly different, but all Basics of Music Exercises share some features:

  • Required number of problems

    Before a grade is submitted, you will need to complete the required number of problems. Most are set to 20, but more difficult assignments are sometimes set to a lower number of repetitions.

  • Scoring

    You must score at least 60% correct to have your grade recorded. Only your highest score is graded, this means if you scored 80% and then later scored 60% on another attempt, the higher score (80%) will remain. Recorded scores will never go down.

    Scores at 90% or above are automatically graded at full points (100%).

    Assignments marked as late will be docked 20% before submitting to Canvas. This means if you score 100%, but the assignment is late, your grade will be recorded at 80%.

  • Time Limit

    Most assignments have a time limit of 5 minutes. More difficult assignments occassionally have the time limit removed and will be marked with an infinity symbol.

  • Recommended Browsers

    We recommend using the Chrome or Firefox browser.