~ Notation Exercise ~

Notate Pitches on the Grand Staff at the Requested Octave

This assignment is designed to help you practice the skills you need in order to use music notation software. This assignment will simply ask you to notate a few notes at a specific octave on the grand staff.

  • Requirements for this exercise:
  • A title centered at the top of the score, the text of the title is up to you.
  • Your full name should be placed in the composer field, below and to the right of the title.
  • Your score must have a grand staff (piano staff).
  • The following pitches notated on the staff of your score as quarter notes:
  • In the bass staff: A2 C4 E2 F3 G2. In the treble staff: A5 E5 F4 D4 G5.
  • Always try to submit assignments early so that the instructor might be able to give you some feedback. That way, if there are any problems you can resubmit a corrected version.
  • When using a notation program for one of these assignments, you will need to export your score as a PDF. Most notation programs will have an "Export as PDF", or "Print as PDF" option. If it doesn't, consider changing programs. Once you have your score saved as a PDF, upload it to the assignment in your course. Here are instructions for exporting a PDF in MuseScore. And here are instructions for exporting a PDF using Flat.io.